At 4see ventures we invest in entrepreneurs in climatech, sustainability and healthcare with the vision to build game-changer companies globally. 

Welcome to 4see ventures

At 4see ventures, we specialize in investing in emerging leaders across climatech, sustainability, and healthcare. We see the entrepreneurs we back not just as business partners, but as our heroes.  They are the vanguards, the daring few, leading the charge towards a transformative future.

Our current investment focus is on Swiss early-stage startups in climatech and sustainability.

Diversity defines the landscape of innvovation. Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and styles, but a common thread binds them: a fervent passion for their mission and a steadfast dedication to hard work.

Daniel Bertholet, Founder

Foresee (fo:(r)’si:) 1

To realize or understand something in advance or before it happens

Foresee (fo:(r)’si:) 2

To see (something, such as a development) beforehand.

Foresee (fo:(r)’si:) 3

To know something that will happen in the future, anticipate, predict.

“The entrepreneurs I choose to support not only have the audacity to change the world but also a clear vision to disrupt markets, and executable plans to materialize that vision.”

– Daniel Bertholet



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« Good VCs know how to get the best out of ventures and entrepreneurs. They support you through challenging times and challenge you in good times. This is our experience with 4see. 

“Daniel always delivers sincere and actionable advices in a rational, clever and empathetic way. We are immensely grateful for his leadership and profound impact he continues to make towards our company survival & success.“

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