Venture growth catalyst: unlocking your potential

with 4see ventures.

We are dedicated to fostering a nurturing environment for entrepreneurs.

Our approach is entrepreneur-centric, offering investment terms that are friendly and supportive to your venture’s growth. We provide in-depth assistance in key areas such as corporate strategy, financing strategy, and governance. Our extensive network is at your disposal, helping to propel your business forward.  

Most importantly, we demonstrate our deep commitment to your success by investing our own funds, ensuring that our goals are aligned with yours.  This partnership is designed to be a catalyst for your entrepreneurial journey, championing your vision every step of the way.

Our investment strategy

We focus on early-stage ventures in Switzerland, encompassing seed stages through Series A and B, in collaboration with institutional investors.  

Our initial investments range from CHF400k to CHF1m, with the potential of committing up to CHF 10m per company over the investment’s lifetime.

Recently, our focus has shifted towards ventures in climatech and sustainability within the Swiss ecosystem, building upon our previous expertise in the healthcare sector. This strategy underlines our commitment to nurturing transformative ideas and technologies that align with our vision for a sustainable future.


Franklin Servan-Schreiber

« 4see ventures has been an early and enthusiastic supporter of Transmutex. Daniel Bertholet’s deep knowledge of the deeptech venture ecosystem has been invaluable in helping us secure follow up financing from the best funds in the world. We are deeply grateful. »

Lynn Durham, MSc

« Good VCs know how to get the best out of ventures and entrepreneurs. They support you through challenging times and challenge you in good times. This is our experience with 4see. »

Samir Ounzain, PhD

« 4see ventures, led by Daniel, exemplifies the essence of entrepreneur-first investing. With an unwavering commitment to supporting founders and management teams through both triumphs and trials, Daniel’s strategic foresight and dedication to big-vision goals empower companies to realize their fullest potential. »

Andrea Tassistro

«  Daniel always delivers sincere and actionable advices in a rational, clever and empathetic way. We are immensely grateful for his leadership and profound impact he continues to make towards our company survival & succes. »

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