Why I launched 4see ventures

4see ventures was founded with the vision of guiding family offices and private professional investors in their direct venture capital investments, while partnering with innovative entrepreneurs poised to disrupt their industries.

The firm prioritizes open dialogue with investors about investment opportunities, empowering them to make their own decisions on each venture and on future reinvestments. This approach is appreciated by investors for its direct access to entrepreneurs, regular business updates and informal meetings, offering valuable insights into how these entrepreneurs are reshaping their respective fields.

Our philosophy and values

At 4see ventures, we are steadfastly committed to embodying the core values that define both our operations and our relationships with clients and partners.

Foremost among these is trust, a principle we uphold through unwavering integrity, transparency, and intellectual honesty.  This foundational value informs every decision we make and interaction we have.

We also deeply value teamwork, fostering a genuine spirit of collaboration not just with our entrepreneurs but also with investors, believing that together, we can achieve greater heights.  

Impact is another cornerstone of our philosophy; we are fully dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs who are not just chasing success but are also committed to making a positive impact on society.  

Lastly, we embrace courage, demonstrating this by co-investing alongside our clients, showing our confidence in their vision and our commitment to their journey. Together, these values shape 4see ventures as a firm that inspires confidence and credibility, dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the world of finance and beyond.

Ground-breakers don’t fit into a single mold. Every successful entrepreneur brings their unique flair, but all are fueled with a fire of relentless work ethic and a profound passion for their mission.

– Daniel Bertholet, Founder


Taha Bawa

« Working with Daniel and 4seeventures has driven significant value to Goodwall and me as a founder. He is passionate, asks the right questions, brings his experience, provides support and opens doors. »



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