Collaboration Agreement with the Paul Scherrer Institute

Transmutex has entered a collaboration agreement with the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) for the development of its carbon-free energy production technology based on the combination of particle accelerators and thorium fuel. Through this agreement Transmutex will have access to PSI’s foremost experts in nuclear safety, nuclear waste analysis, fuel cycle, spallation target design, as well …

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Transmutex Albert Wenger

Electrification of transportation, heating, and various industrial processes is crucial to fighting the climate crisis. Of course that’s only true if we wind up generating that electricity without carbon emissions. Renewable energy, including wind, hydro and solar will play a big role in this. Yet there are many reasons why those alone are unlikely to get …

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Another – bad – broken record.

Last year we heard a number of pundits try to find a small silver lining to the Pandemic by predicting a reduction in CO2 emissions. That happened, but, unfortunately, it had NO EFFECT on the atmospheric concentration of CO2 as measured by NOAA atop the remote Manua Loa volcano in Hawaii. READ MORE

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Dr. Frédérick Bordry Joins Transmutex’s Advisory Board

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Frédérick Bordry, special advisor for Energy to the Director General of CERN, and former Director of Accelerators and Technology at CERN, will join Transmutex’s Advisory Board. Passionate about Energy conservation issues, Dr. Bordry has been a long-time advocate for sustainability in energy science at CERN (link). He will …

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Thinking slow about Nuclear power

“69% of French people and 86% of 18-34 year olds think that nuclear power contributes to climate change. Complete nonsense of course… but not that surprising. And not necessarily a problem of ignorance. READ MORE